Corporate Policy Manual

Articles of Association 2018


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Creditor Right

Policy on the fulfillment of creditor rightsstipulated in the Code of Business Ethics & Work Ethics particularly in the Corporate Code of Conduct with Financial Institutions and Banking Chapter.

Affiliated Relationships between the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors

Charter of the Internal Audit Unit and Vendor Selection

The Company has a policy on the selection and capability improvement of supplier as outlined in the Procurement Procedure of Goods and Services, namely:

  1. Procurement Planning and Preparation Procedure Level 2 No. Dok PBR-01, dated 18 January2017, CCN No. 010/I/2017
  2. Procurement Procedure Level 2 No. Dok PBR-02, dated 1 December 2014, CCN No.009/XII/2014
  3. Procedure of Planning and Preparation of Non Construction Service Procurement Level 2 No.Dok PJN-01, dated 16 November 2014, CCN No.017/XI/2014
  4. Procurement Procedure of Non-Development Services Level 2 No. Dok PJN-02, Dated 1 December 2014, CCN No.008/ XII/2014